Monday, March 29, 2010

Contra Banned - Initiation

For a long time now I've been thinking of illustrating my own form of I guess you'd say poetic justice. It's been a long time coming especially after finding out about a lot of things that made our country our country weren't everything they seemed to be. What I'm about to introduce to you guys is simply a story. A story I've been thinking about for a long time now. IF I could give it a rating I'd give it an M for Mature, or R for my movie fans, just because this story is going to have everything that makes reality real life.

The time is 2010, the place Washington DC. Deep within the depths of the American government's homeland a covert meeting is initiated. The most powerful man in America makes his formal appearance in front of a panel of televisions screens. Each one illuminated by the silhouettes of figures, one being male, the other female, and a slew of other miscellaneous organisms just to preserve anonymity. After having to deal with the massive invasions of both iraq and afghanistan for the past decade the american people are fed up. Also with the recent uprising of militia groups and covert anti-government cells tension within the US has reached an all time boiling point. As the times slowly begun to change more and more people begun to realize that something foul was taking place in their beloved land of the free. Secret organizations, clandestine plots, and world conquest seemed to be more than just a child's story now as life turned from steak and lemonade to guerilla warfare and massive military uprisings.

As the meeting begins our President, which for obvious purposes will not be named but referred to as our President, makes first contact. "You promised nobody would be hurt by this recent offer!!"

Mysterious Television 1: "You've got to be kidding me. You seriously expected a tracking chip that's directly inserted into the cerebellum wouldn't cause adverse affects to normal motor skills and functions? With all do respect Mr. President, don't be so foolish. You signed our document stating you were fully prepared for any lethal outcomes to our test subjects."

Mysterious Television 2: "Besides, this is first generation technology anyway. We need to work out the kinks before we can expect it to function properly. Also given our recent stock of experimental candidates you didn't honestly believe this would work out?"

A sudden silence overtakes the group as sounds of an active metropolis overtake the meeting room. Life, in all it's vibrance and youth errupts through the newly openned window. Unfortunately because of the height of the window the sounds of America's own demise fall on death's ears.

Mr. President : "What was I supposed to do!? I did everything I was instructed! I passed the health bill targeting all the terminally ill in this country. I put my ass on the line for this and I'm not going to fall out of 'God's Graces' just because YOU can't get the technology to work right!"

Mysterious Television 3 finally begins to reposition themselves on the other side of the monitor a bit before speaking: "Now Mr. President please understand you've been given a very special opportunity here. You're going to be apart of something much greater than anything you could ever possibly imagine! In just TWO years the world will be in OUR palms and you will have 20 out of the 50 states of America as your own dominion, and 100 Million Amero( In the future the NAFTA and NACU in act a series of domestic changes including a change in currecy which in turn makes the American Dollar obsolete and creates the Amero. The Amero is a combination of the American dollar, the Mexican Peso, and the Canadian Dollar.). You'll have all the power you could ever imagine and the safety of your family. All because you've followed our glorious plan down to a T. I commend you for your efforts, just remain patient and let us uphold our end of the bargain."

The President slowly moves away from the window and begins to sigh. As a human being he couldn't dream of hurting anyone, let alone an entire country. But his parents had been loyalists to the group S & B. The S & B being one of many secret organizations that held ties to the Organization. He was born to do what he was doing today and without that fact being justly and firmly set into place he would have no other need to exist. Each day he lived out the fantasy of being a new age hero while silently inside he begun to feel the discourse of being a man stuck begin two masks. A mask that hid himself from the outside world and also the mask that made himself presentable while hidden. Once again he speaks, this time calmly as if emotions played no role in his next monologue.

Mr. President: "Well.. You've got the man power and the resources, so get it done. This plan can not fall behind schedule. I won't let any of my family's hard work be compromised because of ANY of you! This country and it's people are mine and I will have them!"

Nearly 800 miles away in the woods of Montana, a new force begins to emerge from the depths of darkness and hatred that spawned our nemesis. A small group of ex military personnel ban together to have a meeting in silence. Each one bringing their own essential assets to the table.

As darkness falls each man arrives at the designated meeting area.

To be Continued......!

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