Wednesday, March 24, 2010

K.O.T.D. Cont'd. Cloned vs Organic Food

Once again I'm back with the Knowledge of the Day post. Today I'm gonna continue my from yesterday and give you a look into the world of Organic foods and whassup with that. Now before I get into this subject I want everyone to know that Cloned food, contraversially, CAN be organic. It's very hard to say how exactly this is possible but from a purely scientific stand point it's possible and they're doing it right now.

The basic point that differentiates organic food from non-organic food is the fact that it was grown without all the weird fertilizing chemicals and metals from commercial fertiziliers and pesticides. They're grown with all natural fertz', abbreviation, and no pesticides the ole' fashion way.

However, because of this point some times organic food can be quite a bit more pricey and the term organic can also some times not really mean organic but incomparison to the food on the shelves, it's closer to being organic than it's competitors. So it's always good to look into things before you eat them.

Now there are plenty of benefits to eating organic vs non organic. First off you don't injest any of the fertilizer additives that are usually found in most foods, Kinda like a few years back when you were hard pressed to find a fish market that wasn't filled with trace mercury first, making your diet a lot more healthy and also helping you feel better in the process. Also organic food can include meats which have not been grown from hormones and other weird growth enhancers.

As per usual, read and take what you want from it.

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