Sunday, June 14, 2009

D.O.A. is OK!! Really good but still it rhymed...

I've just recently got to hear that Death of Auto Tune track from Jigga and I was pretty happy he spoke up. Don't get me wrong I like Auto Tune, it's dope as hell to play around with and some times gives you great sounds but too many people were usin it. It's like if everybody ran around in Stussy Tee's and Levi jeans. That's not everybody's swag and the niggas bitin vs the niggas who really wear that ish would be pointed out and taken out. If you haven't heard it, you needa hear it man, it's live as hell.

Check the link.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Concept behind Neon Strobe Lights

Aight I'm gettin a lot of comments and bein asked, why I named the Mixtape Neon Strobe Light?

Neon strobe lights is basically my outlook on life. For most people neon strobe lights only appear when you're enjoying yourself or when you're down on yourself. During the entire time your drowning away your sorrows in cheap Jack Daniels and watered down beers at the bar, neon strobe lights are illuminating the dance floor you're hoping to dominate. They're also there when you're having a great time after a long night of celebrating. IT's almost like a ying and yang situation. Plenty of people can agree with me. When you're in a bad mood a night at the club can turn a bad thing into a great thing pretty fast.

So with that in mind remember, Neon Strobe Lights shine brightest at night.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Swagged Out Accessories for Dudes

First we got the live ass Glow in the Dark Nooka Watch first seen when Ye wore it at his G.I.T.D. tour last year

Krew M1 glasses these the N.E.R.D. inspired glasses from the skatewear brand named Krew

The M1 Smoke Sunglasses
Next we got us a Mishka ball cap. These are the slickest hats I've seen in a long time. Don't wanna rock a ball team? Rock ah EYE ball. Word!
And now introducin the flyest wallet you'll ever own! The Fry Lock Wallet homie!! (And yes that is a million dollar bill bitch)

Always gotta keep an iPod touch around with you too fam!

Thats it for now. Keep ya swagger up kiddos and maybe one day you'll be fresh!

One Love

I ♥ Kickz ( I really do! )

Aight as of late I've been seein a lot of dope ass kicks comin out. I'll just name a few for yall out there. And for you haters these ah help step yo steez (Or swag I just like to be different) up. So take notes, bastards.

TK Society Supras
Patent Grey, Perferated Black, Perferated Red, and Suede Purple. I'm on the purp n black joints doe real shit!

So is my boi Drizzy (Shout out to Drake btw!)

Air Yeezy's Or Kanyeezy's of course!

These Missin the red joints, those flame as hell too btw. IF you got the extra 600-800 dollars to cop these mufuckas by all means but I ain't a dope boi so unfortunately I won't be snatchin these mufuckas.

Here they go in action. Dope ass fit by Kanye and check the do, the SHAG ladies and Gents!!

Alife kicks on deck these a lil diff, just my swag doe!

I mean its plenty more out there but right now these the main ones I got to display.

The Palm that crushed the Apple(iPhone..)

Aight whassup folks its Average Joe here

I've been one of the many gentleman following the Pre from quite some time and I gotta say Palm really beat the SHIT outta Apple. Real shit man. If you don't believe me, google the Palm Pre and look at the youtubes. You know what, fuck that hold up... For all my friends and fans out there with a slow PC you might wanna get to a diff one cuz this shit is classic. All the Apple fan boys can finally EAT A DICK! Cuz the Pre is that shit. Period. If you got swag you gone have one.

And that mufucka in HD. Tell me somethin' Apple. How does it feel to finally be rotten??

OH and here's some pics of that bad bitch.



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