Sunday, August 8, 2010

Goals, Nerds, and MO's Hour

Well my friends seems I'm back again from yet another haitus from the blog. seems I have a bad habit of leaving when things just start to get good around here. For those of you who care to know I've been making moves lately hooking up with some good productions and also some good artists to get G.E.E.K. Squad back on track. As of right now you can expect to hear from a good friend of mine VERY soon! First installment to M.o.'s Hour has been started but we'll get into that later.

Secondly you can look forward to some dope music from yo community friend Average Joe very soon! I gotta snippet from my latest secret project! Won't speak to much about that. All I gotta say is we're here and don't expect us to be leaving anytime soon. Gotta say thanks to all the views and viewers because without you there'd be no motivation to keep this blog alive. Thru you G.E.E.K. Squad continues to live!

Lastly if you need something to bump while waitin on all of this music to come in, please don't hesitate to hit up the affiliates and download some dope ass music. I'm out!

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