Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Knowledge of the Day : Organic vs Cloned Foods

I know there are plenty of people out there that honestly don't care about what they eat even though it's essential to know what you're eating for you to know it's safe to even ingest. If you eat something and you have no idea what it is you could easily end up eating something that could down the line pass on a nasty surprise for your children.

It's scary to think because I ate a home made ham burger to eat healthier and I give one of my kids cancer. Now I'm not trying to start an uproar but seriously yall eating Cloned food is like eating a sick animal. They look so much different than normal and most of them don't even survive! A good 35% die from just being born, as opposed to non cloned having a very low percentage. My point is think before you eat!

Here is an article I found interesting on the subject. Get what you can and always seek knowledge!


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