Monday, March 22, 2010

Knowledge of the Day

Here at G.E.E.K. Ent we like to give out knowledge. Knowledge is power in a world where deception plays a major role in controlling the masses and I feel like a big part of having knowledge is sharing it. I just had a big discussion with a friend of mine about Mary jane, which is my own personal drug of choice, and about how it works. Now I don't call me friend an idiot or anything because of his stance on weed, shit I'm actually proud he's decided to stand up and say he's good on it but I think if he knew a little more than he does now he'd be a bit more open minded about the subject matter

The purpose of this post is to let all my loyal fans, even if I don't have any right now, know that this

Is probably one of thee most hated drugs in American society, especially by law inforcement and the government.

Why? Because it's easily produced, easily accessable, and easily manufactured in all forms and shapes. So as a country they try to find ways to stigmatize a very profitable drug. I understand the reasoning behind which, especially since most drugs cause crime and a whole slew of other BAD things, but Marijuana is one of the most harmless drugs out there.

So why do people think marijuana is bad?
Because the government used propaganda to stigmatize marijuana. You see when your a government you want control over everything, money, land, and people. IF you don't control the money first you can't control the people. That's why we have a universal currency system in place in the US now but if we try to take away that control, I.E. by introducing a better way to make more money faster, into the equation the government gets mad! Like alcohol prohibition for example. Even though alcohol is bad they can't stop it from existing because it's already so deeply rooted into culture and people are just gonna smuggle it like they do any other illegal contraband.

Here's a lil info about Marijuana and some good articles to read on it.

Myths and facts about Mary Jane

Marijuana and Lung Cancer

Marijuana DOES NOT cause cancer

Marijuana boosts brain cell growth

Now as with any drug there are equal sides of the book. Of course there will be a case where someone gets cancer from smoking weed, and there's gonna be a case of someone losing brain cells from smoking weed, but in all actuality marijuana is probably the most harmless drug you can do. It's non addictive, it's NOT lethal, and it's naturally grown from the earth! Don't believe the hype ladies and gentlemen. Weed isn't as bad as you think.

MR Geek Squad signing out.

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