Sunday, May 31, 2009

Strobes Lights Become Inspiration

Two very big announcements!

First off, check me out on my solo mixtape titled Inspiration. It'll be around pretty soon, starting recording tonight. It features all beats my by the great J Dilla ( RIP btw ).

Secondly, THE GEEK SQUAD MIXTAPE NEON STROBE LIGHTS IS OFFICIALLY GOING TO DROP July 31st! Just a teaser for the album art. Hope my Mixtape can tide you over till then.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Supporters and Reporters

Aight this is Average Joe once again! I'm sorry but our song situation isn't goin as planned right now. Please look out for the Mixtape we'll release a few sample tracks soon but in the mean time all you Geeks out there send in your support!!! If you support geek, get on yo emails and send pictures to The subject should be GEEK SUPPORTER! If you wanna give us an interview or wanna talk to us about anything really that's about the group just email me at that same email and as the subject put GEEK REPORTER and we'll get at you guys real fast, we promise!

One Love

Average Joe

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A day in the Park

Yo Whassup world it's Average Joe of G.E.E.K. Squad comin to yall with another update. Me and my crew decided to hit the park today. After hearing about the anticipation of many of yall fans and onlookers out there (WHASSUP HUGHES?!!! BIG REED!) I gotta give yall somethin to listen to and feed off of. I spit a quick free at the park for yall and Kid of course. We had to come thru for the people out there. Unfortunately we don't have a track for yall yet but trust me we will soon. Afterwards you will be quite entertained and enjoy yourselves.

One Love!!!

Oh and look for the video to drop this weekened.



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